General Terms and Conditions

In order to receive data or software from the European Space Agency (ESA), henceforth called 'service', all interested recipients must register and abide with the following terms and conditions.

A requesting body, henceforth called 'the User', shall for the purpose of registration be identified by the name of a physical person, physical address and telephone number, and e-mail address. This data will be stored by ESA and serve as the point of contact for receiving the data. Upon successful registration, data transfer to the User will be electronic. The User is informed that complementary and tailored terms and conditions can apply to individual services depending on the data transferred. The User is informed that complementary licence conditions can apply depending on the software transferred.

The following terms and conditions apply to the data and software delivery and interaction between ESA and the User in frame of the service:

  1. The User accepts that the service data may be used for peaceful purposes only.
  2. The User accepts that all his queries and other activities will be logged.
  3. The User acknowledges that he/she is using his/her own private account and account sharing is not allowed.
  4. The User accepts that the service data are provided on an "as is" basis, with no direct or implied warranties.
  5. The User accepts that ESA does not take any responsibility for the completeness or correctness of the data and shall not be held liable for direct or indirect consequences or damages resulting from the use of the data in whatever form.
  6. The User accepts that improper use of the data may lead to the revocation of the access to the service.
  7. ESA reserves the right to permanently or temporarily revoke the User access to the service at its sole discretion.
  8. ESA reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time, and without prior notification.
  9. ESA reserves the right to change or modify the complementary and tailored terms and conditions applicable to the individual services at any time, and without prior notification.
  10. The User consents to its personal data being stored by ESA in frame of the service.
  11. The User consents to being contacted by ESA, solely in frame of the service, to validate the accuracy of the provided personal data.
  12. ESA confirms that no personal data of the User will be transferred to a third party.
  13. The User can request to revoke or remove the account, or request access to the associated personal data stored, by contacting with either of those three requests.

Personal data is any data with which the User could be personally identified. Detailed information on the subject of data protection can be found in ESA's privacy policy. Any related enquiry can be addressed to

The personal data collected for access the service are processed by ESA. The personal information provided by the user is collected and stored on ESA's IT systems. This personal information is used to in the frame of validating the acceptance of the condition associated with the services delivered. Additionally personal data of technical nature such as IP's are collected when the user accesses the service. This personal is collected automatically for security purposes. The personal data is not used for analytics and not transmitted to third-parties.

The user always has the right to request information about your stored personal information, its origin, its recipients, and the purpose of its collection. The user has the right to request that it be corrected, blocked, or deleted. This can be done through the account management of the service or by contacting (Data Protection Officer).

The collected personal data is stored as long as the service request by the user remains active. The accuracy of the personal data can be verified by ESA in frame of the service. In case of invalid personal data, the service will be revoked and a data retention period of at most one year is applied. In case of withdraw of consent by the user, ESA will remove all personal data stored after a retention period of at most one month.